Dragon Rises College provides exceptional training in all aspects of Oriental medicine, with special emphasis on the science and art of pulse diagnosis. Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis® and Contemporary Oriental Medicine® form the basis of our curriculum, and provide students with an outstanding education.

Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis®, based on the work of John HF Shen, OMD, and further developed by Leon Hammer, MD, is taught as a basic part of the curriculum. The pulse provides the foundation for an in-depth diagnosis, and for preventive medicine. Pulse diagnosis is an exquisite and sophisticated means of understanding the whole person, as the pulse reveals the patient’s constitution, previous illnesses, early insults to normal physiology, environmental stressors, trauma, lifestyle, emotions, and behavior. Pulse diagnosis can also accurately predict possible future pathologies, allowing the practitioner to address the patient’s unique situation, rather than merely a pattern, disease, or Causative Factor. Dragon Rises is currently the only college in the United States teaching this sensitive and subtle skill.

Contemporary Oriental Medicine® emphasizes the patient’s lifestyle as a primary Causative Factor of disease, and considers it a key component of any treatment plan. Students are taught to identify the impact of lifestyle choices, and to support the patient in establishing necessary change. They learn how to foster therapeutic relationships essential to a successful healing intervention.

Our strong clinical orientation provides a rich and meaningful experience, grounding students in the practice of Oriental Medicine.