Tuition is $7200 per semester for students enrolled full time. For part-time students enrolled in 8.99 credit hours or less, the tuition is 60% of full-time tuition costs. Tuition and fees for campus-based or online/hybrid courses are the same. Tuition increases may occur annually and the second and subsequent years may include a tuition increase. Total tuition increases may occur if the student falls behind, is required to take additional classes or if additional hours are approved by regulatory agencies.

Tuition costs includes the cost of course learning materials (including textbooks), uniforms, student ID, learning resources and technology fees, laboratory supplies, malpractice insurance, and student acupuncture kits used in the classroom. Learning resources and or learning materials are supplied by the College and may be in the form of hard copy textbooks, E-books, or other electronic documents or activities on the Learning Management System. Clinic acupuncture supplies (needles, moxa, salves, etc.) are not included in tuition as selection and use of these types of items depend on student preference.