Transfer students are admitted and accepted using the same criteria as non-transfer students.

Transfer credit is granted at the discretion of the Academic Dean. It is the responsibility of the student to request a transfer of credit at enrollment and to provide necessary documentation in addition to official transcripts, such as catalog course description, syllabi, and any other documents the Academic Dean may request. In no case may graduate credit be given for coursework designated as solely undergraduate by the institution where the coursework was completed.

No partial credit can be given. Oriental medicine coursework and clinical hours may be transferred from an ACAHM accredited or candidate college. Western medicine coursework may be transferred from a college that is accredited by an agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. The student may be required to take the final exam for the transfer credit being requested. All transfer credits must be requested and granted by the end of the first academic year of enrollment.

A minimum of one academic year of study at Dragon Rises College, on a full course-load basis, is required for graduation and the granting of a degree. However, all Dragon Rises College program requirements must be met, and most students will need more than one year.

Transferability of Credits

Dragon Rises College neither implies nor guarantees that credits earned while enrolled will be accepted by other institutions. Each campus has policies that govern the acceptance of credit from other institutions. Transfer of credit is a privilege granted by the institution to which a student may seek admission. Students seeking to transfer credits earned at Dragon Rises College to other post-secondary institutions should contact the college or university to which they seek admission to inquire about that institution’s policies on credit transfer and acceptance.