Institutional Safety:

State Bill 524 – Sexually Violent Predators (Effective Date July 1, 2014)

This bill creates 1005.10, F.S., Sexual predator and sexual offender notification; nonpublic colleges, universities, and schools, to inform students and employees at orientation and on its website of the existence of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) sexual predator and sexual offender registry website and toll free telephone number.

FDLE website – Sexual Offender and Predators Search

FDLE toll-free number – 1-888-357-7332 for TTY Accessibility – 1-877-414-7234

Gainful Employment

As you consider becoming a student at Dragon Rises College, here are some facts that might help you decide. These are the new federally mandated disclosures for Dragon Rises College.

Occupation References:

Link to Acupuncturist in new federal listing, O*Net

CIP Code: 51.3301, Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Standard Occupation Code: 29-1291.

Program Costs:

Total tuition is $72,000.00 for the 10-semester program (paid as $7200.00 per semester). This includes Herbal studies, as well as all western medical requirements

Total fees for the entire program, including clinic liability insurance, are $2,500.00

Books and certain supplies are included in the Program cost. The majority of textbooks will be used throughout your professional life.

On-time completion rate:

13 of 16 (82%) in graduating class (Class of 2019).

Job placement rate for students completing the program:

10 of 13 (77%) from the graduating class of 2019 are in practice or continuing their education to the Doctorate level.

88% of the previous two graduating classes are in practice or are continuing their education to the Doctorate level.  (2017 and 2018)

138 of 168 (83%) graduates from all classes are licensed and working (since DRCOM started, 2001)

Median loan debt incurred by students completing the program (most recent grads):

Title IV loan debt – median amount borrowed: $118,000.00

Private educational loan debt – amount borrowed: none

Institutional finance plans – amount owed: none

A Note from the Financial Aid Desk:

Taking out student loans is a big commitment, and I don’t want you to enter it lightly. Student loans are like a mortgage, only the investment is in yourself, not a house and land. For most students, taking on debt is the price to pay for the opportunity to learn a valuable skill and vocation.  Although you will have $10,250 available to you per semester, you may borrow less than the maximum if for any reason you don’t need the full amount.

The concern people may have is about being able to repay the debt they incur while attending college.  It is essential to look at both sides – the responsibility and the opportunity.  Our students are generally very successful in their practice, and if it is something you pursue wholeheartedly, you will be successful too.  Dragon Rises College has a very good reputation, and our graduates are often invited to join an existing practice.

One main factor that Acupuncture schools use to comply with new transparency regulations is how many students graduated a year ago, and of those, how many are in practice. No one from Dragon Rises College is in default, according to the Department of Education statistics. This sounds to me like opportunity taken and combined with responsibility, in other words, success.

The Department of Education wants students to be able to pay back their loans.  So they have become creative in offering repayment plans to fit many diverse circumstances.  Unlike mortgage bankers, they have always been inclined to find a plan that helps you succeed, not a way to punish you for getting behind. Since 2008 they have developed even more choices for shorter or longer, higher or lower payment schedules.  As long as you stay in communication with your lender, you will be fine.

I hope you will decide to follow your heart and enter this profession, not blindly, but with information and forethought.  We are always happy to discuss your concerns and answer your questions.