An initial down payment of $75 must be submitted with the Enrollment Agreement and returned within fourteen (14) days to ensure a seat in the class of 2026. This deposit will be credited towards tuition fees for the first semester. The deposit is refundable if the  enrollee notifies the college in writing within five business days of signing the agreement of his/her intention to withdraw.

Each Fall all students also pay for required HIPAA/OSHA training. Other fees are listed below, and apply only to some situations, like auditing courses or making up tests.

Application Fee
With initial application, nonrefundable
Enrollment Fee
One-time enrollment fee, nonrefundable after 5 days
Student ID Card
Annual OSHA/HIPPA Training
Per year, paid in Fall Semester. Required
Clinic Malpractice Insurance
Annual Student Government Fee
Per year, paid in Fall Semester. Required
Distance Education Fee
Per semester. Required.
Graduation Fee
One-time fee, paid at Program completion
Books and General Supplies
Student Acupuncture Kit
For classroom use
Clinic Acupuncture Supplies
~$50, estimated
Dependant on student selection and preference
Additional Fees
(under certain circumstances)
Return check fee
Fee for checks which are not processed by the bank
Student ID Card Replacement
Fee for issuing a replacement college ID card
Additional Clinic Hours
See Student Handbook, page 7, for full details
Audit Fee
$200/credit hour
Requires approval before Semester start
Official Transcript Fee
Per requested copy
Student Copy of Transcript
Per printed copy (may be printed via Populi for free)