Scrubs & Patches Order Form


There are two options for ordering scrubs:

  1.  You can order and use the two (2) sets that are included with your DRCOM tuition (and any extra sets you may wish to order), -OR-
  2. Order only the DRCOM patches and have them embroidered onto a set of your own scrubs, at your own expense.

Some prefer to purchase their own scrubs and affix the DRCOM patch for either fit and comfort or because an additional color option is available (burgundy) with this option.




General Information

All scrubs are Wonderwink brand, a 65/35 poly/cotton blend.

SHIRTS: V-neckline, shoulder badge loop. Left chest pocket with pen slot. Classic fit.

PANTS: Flat front full drawstring and half back elastic waistband. Front slash pockets. Right side cargo pocket, and a single back pocket. Straight leg, classic fit. 31 inch inseam.


Sizing Guide

Please complete the following section for Set 1 of 2 sets that are included with tuition.

Please complete the following section for Set 2 of 2 sets that are included with tuition.



(Optional) Extra Scrub Sets

Some find it useful to have multiple pairs of extra scrubs, in addition to the two sets that are included in their tuition. These can be purchased the same way as the initial two sets, with the billing done through Financial Aid.







The maximum sets available per order form is five (5) sets. If you wish to order more you certainly can, just complete two individual orders (after completing the first, refresh the page to reset the order form). 




Patches Only (no scrubs)

If you wish, you can purchase your own scrubs at your expense, and have the Dragon Rises patch embroidered on them. Patches will be affixed to the upper left-hand chest side (just above the heart), and are $15 each or 3/$40.

Also, by purchasing your own scrubs, you have an additional color option other than Navy Blue or Black: Burgundy.

If ordering only the scrubs included with tuition, you DO NOT need to order any additional patches; they will be included.

Please select how many patch(es) you would like to order:

Two sets of scrubs with Dragon Rises patches are included with your tuition and will show up in the Billing section below at $.01 each (unless larger sizes are chosen). Please double-check colors and sizes for both your tops and pants before submitting your order. If you only wish to order your included scrub sets, then no patches need to be ordered.

Additional options (scrubs, extra patches) will show up below at their price.

You should only use the Pay with PayPal option if you are ordering a) extra scrub sets and/or b) patches. If you are only ordering your included scrubs, please select via Financial Aid as your payment option.

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