Eduardo Alvarez

Eduardo grew up in a small city in Venezuela, home to Angostura Bitters (a medicinal tincture for stomach ailments designed in 1824). His broad experience in education includes K-12 substitute-teacher, 6th Grade teacher, and Education Coordinator at a private facility for youth at risk in Alachua County, FL. As Lead Faculty in the Academic Team at City College-Gainesville (2001-2020), he taught courses in Biology, and Environmental and Social Sciences. Since 2008 he has been teaching the Environmental Medicine course at DRCOM. In his career he has also mentored hundreds of graduate and post-graduate international students.

Dr. Alvarez earned a bachelor’s in Animal Science and a master’s in Natural Resources from Utah State University. He led a team studying environmental issues for the mega Hydroelectric Project in Guri, Venezuela (1978-88). His doctoral research in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation (University of Florida) received the 1997 Computerworld Award for innovation from the Smithsonian Institution. To advance the conservation of Harpy eagles and Neotropical rainforests, his international team founded EARTHMATTERS.ORG and was awarded a “Green Oscar” in 2017 by the Whitley Fund for Nature (UK). 

“The environment for personal growth is greatly enhanced when people can define their present situations and see the alternatives” B. Joyce & M. Weil, Models of Teaching, 1980.