Brandt Stickley is an Associate Professor in the College of Classical Chinese Medicine, National University of Natural Medicine, and a Visiting Professor at Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine, Pacific Rim College, Five Branches University, Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences, Yo San University and Maryland University of Integrative Health.

As a Senior Instructor and Board member of Dragon Rises Seminars he teaches Shen-Hammer Pulse Diagnosis.  Brandt is a graduate of Cornell University and the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  He has worked closely with Dr. Leon Hammer for 20 years, and is considered an authority on the model of Chinese medical Psychology developed by Dr. Hammer.  In his own development of this school of thought, he has relentlessly pursued a synthesis of Classical Han and Tang Dynasty herbal medicine and acupuncture, Chinese magical medicine, philosophy and religion, with concepts of psychosomatic medicine, body-oriented psychology, neurophenomenology, process-oriented philosophy, imaginal, integral, and consciousness studies.  He brings all of these disciplines to play in striving to intend the impossible as a clinician, teacher, writer and speaker.  In theory and in practice, Brandt’s work seeks to establish Classical Chinese medicine as a vital psychosomatic and physiosemiotic current in the evolution of consciousness and the alleviation of suffering. 

You can visit Mr. Stickley’s website here.