“Dragon Rises College is a unique and very special place, offering students a rare chance to examine closely and deeply a most wonderful system of healing: Chinese medicine.”

The curriculum at Dragon Rises College is renowned throughout the Chinese medicine profession as it teaches material at the very heart of the discipline.
Drawing on knowledge and skills from famous lineages stretching back hundreds of years, the curriculum goes to great lengths to address how we can deal effectively with the problems we all face in the contemporary environment of the modern world.

Ancient knowledge and wisdom, along with practical, present-day strategies, have been blended with Dr. Hammer’s understanding of the mental, emotional, and spiritual, components of disease. The result is an education that produces practitioners able to draw on the rich depths of both Classical and Contemporary Chinese medicine, and competent to make a real difference to the lives of their patients.

What makes a truly great practitioner? Please watch the video below and visit Dragon Rises College to begin your journey.